Greenberg Slams Strazzini On SanDisk


Herb Greenberg is back again. He’s got his own agenda tonight - nothing is going to stop him from winning this Street Fight.

First up is the Risk Doctor – Tim Strazzini.

Last night Tim said Apple (AAPL) would go higher through the June iPhone release. Herb isn’t even going to argue this one!

"Take the win," he says, but he’s got a real problem with Tim’s position on SanDisk (SNDK). “You can’t have both Apple on high margins and Sandisk on low margins!”

Herb is trying to change the conversation and that kind of tactic doesn't fly with the Commisioner! “You can’t bring a football to a basketball game,” Dylan scolds.

It’s on to Round 2. Last Thursday, Eric Bolling said “I don’t think there’s much upside to Motorola (MOT) at all ... if you’re in the market for a new phone, you're going to wait for the iPhone.”

Once again, Herb is steering the conversation off-topic.

“Let’s talk about ice!” Herb is referring back to when the guys took him on about Reddy Ice (FRZ) which recently posted a big loss. He wants them to know he won that fight, even though it’s in the forgotten past.

As for Motorola? Herb can’t believe anyone would bet against Carl Icahn.

Eric – for the record – is sticking by Reddy Ice. “They hit the 50-day moving average to the cent and [the stock] is bouncing off that,” he tells Herb.

But Eric doesn’t think Motorola is the place for investors to put their money. He thinks MOT makes flimsy phones; and Nokia (NOK), RIM (RIMM) and Palm (PALM) all have better products!

At this point in the tussle, Dylan needs to check the damage. Herb brings a couple random victories with Sandisk and Reddy Ice, but the two scheduled brawls go to the guys. That means they’re tied, and there’s only one match up left.

On April 5, a viewer took on Herb via webcam over his position with NutriSystem (NTRI).

“What are you doing telling people to sell this undervalued growth stock?” he asked Herb.

They lowballed the Street so they came out with what looked to be a great number, Herb says. "Is that really a reason to own this stock?!"

In a surprise turn, Guy Adami, sides with Herb.

But there’s a bit of a technicality: Ian reveals he sold his shares of NutriSystem!


This Street Fight is one for the books, as no clear winner is declared.

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Trader disclosure:
On APR 26, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders: Strazzini owns (WMT), (YHOO), Bolling owns Gold, Silver, Corn, Is Short Soybeans, owns (AMZN) options.
Pre-produced disclosure: Ian Owned (NTRI) on 4/5/07.