Schilling Socktroversy

Curt Schilling's Sock
Curt Schilling's Sock

Baltimore Orioles announcer Gary Thorne, whose voice I love, said in last night's Red Sox-Orioles game that Curt Schilling's bloody sock from the World Series was faked with paint. Catcher Doug Mirabelli told him so. Of course, when Mirabelli was confronted after the game, he denied it.

Let's just get this out the way. I don't think Curt's the kind of guy who would do that. Secondly, the thing sure looks like blood -- not unless it was Sherwin Williams' new look. Why do I care? Because it's one of a couple of items that isn't on the market, but one day -- at auction -- could get $1 million easy.

The reason is simple: it's the ultimate item for a Red Sox fan who wants to commemorate the 2004 World Series title, and there are some very rabid Red Sox fans with a lot of money out there. It hasn't hit auction, of course, because Schilling announced in December 2006 that he was lending it to the Hall of Fame indefinitely after two one-year contracts.

Now obviously, if this turns out to be paint, the value of the item will plummet and Schilling will face a lifetime full of smackdown.

One item I could see going for more than the Schilling sock: the O.J. Simpson Bronco. Simpson's friend Al Cowlings, who drove Simpson in the 1993 White Ford Bronco, sold the car for $75,000 to a friend. A couple years ago, I spoke with the guy who now owns the vehicle and he asked for my advice as to when would be the best time to sell it. I told him to wait -- if he can -- to January 2020 when O.J. Memorabilia might get hot again with the 25th anniversary of the trial.

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