It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Volcano : “I would still buy it … I would stick with Volcano. I like that stock very much.”

Akamai Technologies : Cramer says analyst expectations – and his own – for Akamai were too high, and the company just couldn’t live up to them. He thinks he stuck with the stock for too long. He likes it at $40, but doesn’t know if he can recommend getting in at present levels.

Cal Dive International : “We like these companies. We like oil drillers. We like oil service companies, even some that are doing the Gulf.”

Marvell Tech : Cramer likes the business, but now that the SEC has made its inquiry into MRVL formal, he can’t get behind it. He doesn’t trust a company with this type of accounting trouble. Cramer recently sold his charitable trust’s position in Marvell.

Pacific Ethanol : “Nope, nope. We have not liked that company since its inception.” If you’re looking for a play in this sector, Cramer recommends Archer Daniels Midland.

Krispy Kreme : KKD’s performance has been too tepid for Cramer to be enthusiastic about the stock.

AT&T: “I don’t want you to worry a thing about AT&T.” Cramer says that the Street was unhappy with the latest quarter, but they were wrong. AT&T should be a core position in anyone’s portfolio.

Nabors Industries : “This happens to be a company that’s going higher because they are in the best single housing market in this country other than the San Antonio area.”

NutriSystem : Cramer admits that he has been negative on NTRI in the recent past, but he says he’ll bless it for a short-term trade. “I’ve got to be more positive on NutriSystems.”

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