Game Plan: Earnings, Earnings, Everywhere

It’s hard to plan for next week when this one was just so good, Cramer says. Luckily, there are plenty of names reporting earnings next week that he thinks look strong. If you’re thinking short term, get in ahead of the stocks that have been working well before they report, Cramer says. Stick with the winners.

Monday is probably the slowest day of the week for earnings. The only name Cramer’s watching is Vulcan Materials , which is up 82% since he recommended it last July. He thinks this one has plenty more room to run.

On Tuesday, the game gets interesting. Cramer thinks Avon , once a perennial member of the sell block, will hit one out of the park with the weak-dollar winds at its back.

Qwest reports Tuesday as well, and Cramer’s been behind this company for a while. Even with a gain of 43%, he’s sticking with it because he thinks this could be the quarter it gives news of a dividend.

Also reporting Tuesday is Procter & Gamble , which has been stalled long enough that its ready to run on an upswing off of great international business, Cramer says. Medco Health also reports and Cramer puts this company in the pantheon of consistency if ever there was one.

That’s all before the closing bell sounds Tuesday. After the close there’s General Cable , a play on utility companies burying their power lines to avoid huge cascading blackouts like the one a few years ago. Add to the mix Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings - two restaurants Cramer has praised endlessly and correctly, and he’s not stopping now.

Come Wednesday, Cramer likes Allergan , a maker of Botox, and Transocean , one of his favorite oil services plays. With RIG, he recommends letting it come in for profit taking after the inevitable run it will have once it reports. Wednesday earnings also provide twin rail plays which Cramer loves: Trinity , which he recommended earlier this week, and American Railcar , which he inexcusably did not recommend along with Trinity.

Finally, Friday comes along with the only overlooked infrastructure play left on the planet, Cramer says: KBR . It hasn’t budged since it was spun off from Halliburton even though other infrastructure names like Foster Wheeler , McDermott and Fluor have shot up. Cramer thinks KBR will follow the pack after it reports.

Bottom line: Just like this week, next week is bursting with great companies that could blow out their earnings. The hardest part for Cramer is deciding which ones to single out.

Jim's charitable trust owns Transocean.

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