Mad Mail

Dear Jim: Thanks for being so gracious when I met you with my sister Kay at IU just 3 weeks ago. Thanks also for the book, which I find really helpful as a guide to the show. More thanks for the great stock picks that came out of that show! Cummins, and now how about those kids, Dan and Wes, with their picks of Spartan and Rock-Tenn Co. . And a memo to Mark Cuban: these kids know what they are doing here. --Carl

Cramer says: “…Cummins was at $72 when I recommended it.” He took it off his buy list today at $105 and it has finished just under $100. “We’re making 25, 26 points ... I feel great about the Cummins pick. Congratulations to everybody who pulled the trigger. We really nailed that one.”


Dear Jim: I was preparing to do the old "go away in May," since I was getting discouraged by the parade of "prudent" experts that I was hearing day after day on TV who advised to not take a lot of risk, be careful, blah, blah, blah. But then you came along and presented your case about why you thought we should stay IN the market, and it all made sense to me. Otherwise, I would have missed a lot of this most recent run-up. Now it’s hard to resist the desire to "take some off the table." What do you think? --Kate

Cramer says: “Bulls make money, bears make money, hogs get slaughtered. We're never going to fight taking a profit. Taking some off right now after a big run is right.”