This year should you follow the old stock market adage: "Sell in May and stay away"?


"Although it usually is not the best strategy in a bull market, I rely on trailing stops to protect my gains in this market scenario. I don't sell on outlook, I let the market decide for me."
-- Jim B., New York

"No, I believe that the current upward momentum will carry the market to further highs in May."
-- John R., California

"Yes, there will be great buying opportunities in the fall."
-- Gil H.

"Sell in May and stay away??? Better yet, head for the seashore.. Like the old song says " see you in September" Stock up the cooler and don't forget the sunscreen. What's the worst that can happen a sunburn? Take the $$$ and run!"
-- Jack W.

"I think the adage is going to ring true this year more than ever! People just have no regard risk."
-- Greg B., New York

"Yes. Patterns repeat themselves."
-- Phil P., North Carolina

"Follow part of it. Sell in May but don't go away. Stick around to short the airlines and U.S. automakers."
-- Mitch H., Texas

"No, the Dow has never had such momentum in previous years."
-- Joe F., Florida

"This year, that adage is not the case. Our typical May correction occurred in February after the China fiasco. That was your time to buy into this nice rally lately. Keep buying equities."
-- Evan F., Canada

-- Rob L., Ohio

"Never more so! An obvious slowing is occurring. Gas supplies are in a shortage, so price toward $ 4.00. It will be UGLY when it's over!"
-- Mike J., California