Five For Five--Stocks Making News This Week

CNBC-TV had it's five for five segment today--that's where they look at five stocks making news this week. It's pretty much based on earnings. Jon Hilsenrath, editor at the WSJ was the guest to talk about the stocks. Again, these are not recommendations for the contest (or your personal portfolio) but more along the lines of what stocks could have a jump up or down.

Jon mentioned these five: Time Warner,Exxon, NY Times,GM and PG.(admittedly, big name stocks but hey, you never know.) Time Warner has earnings out on Wednesday. Exxon, as well as other oil stocks, is facing a battle with other countries (Venezuela and Russia) over profits. The NY Times is dealing with a takeover battle as circulation numbers decrease. PG has earnings out tomorrow (Tuesday) and GM releases earnings on Thursday. Those numbers are supposed to be good--especially for North American car sales.

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