Monday Musings

Turning Lemons into Limoncello

Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito is branding his own limoncello, the same liqueur he says he pounded down with George Clooney before an erratic appearance on ABC's "The View." Harbrew Imports says Danny Devito's Premium Limoncello Liqueur "is a perfect balance between tart and sweet."

I Am an Idiot

Sometimes I ask stupid questions. Actually, I do that a lot, but I edit it out so no one knows.

This past weekend I was covering an Indy race in Kansas for an upcoming story (very cool -- got to ride in a two-seater at 180 mph). I interviewed Danica Patrick (her handshake could crush stone), Dan Wheldon, Sam Hornish, Marco Andretti (a kid!) and Jeff Simmons -- all very nice people.

In one of my dumber moments, I asked Simmons about driving "normal" speeds on the freeway. I asked if he is ever the victim of road rage, with someone aggressively on his tail honking a horn. He paused, smiled and said, "They're usually not coming up behind me unless they have flashing lights."

Spider-Man Is the Woody Allen of Superheroes

As Sony prepares to release another Spider-Man blockbuster, Wireless Flash News reports that

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3

a Brooklyn rabbi claims most superheroes could be Jewish, especially Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker.

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein reportedly says "Spider-Man is motivated by guilt," and he compares the superhero to Jerry Seinfeld and Woody Allen.

From Nachos to Naked

Wireless also reports that someone has dubbed this Saturday, May 5th, "Naked Gardening Day," to compete with Cinco de Mayo. Hey, either way it's good for beer sales.

Leading the charge for naked gardeners is Carolyn Hawkins of Florida, who reportedly plans to plant flower seeds in a blow-up kiddie pool filled with soil, wearing nothing but a sun hat and knee pads. She is 64-years-old.

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