Stop Trading!

Apparently the “D.C Madam,” as she is known, love stocks just as much as Cramer.

It turns out the Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, is quite the stock picker despite fighting a federal racketeering and money-laundering indictment. She even had a $2 million account, which a judge has since frozen. She asked to have her assets unfrozen because of one stock that she thought had peaked: Dolby Laboratories , which she bought at $22 and went to $37. Not bad, huh? Maybe she could fill in on ‘Mad Money’.

Cramer is bullish on Dolby too, saying he thinks the quarter will probably be solid. And madams tend to get better information than stock pickers, he jokes.

Cramer’s also reiterating a couple of stocks he likes before earnings this week – Crocs and Under Armour . Both retailers are showing tremendous momentum yet their estimates haven’t come up nearly as much as Cramer thought they would have by now. Under Armour gets a lot of negative press, but he is behind the company’s management. And as for Crocs, it’s a company that knows branding, Cramer says. He'd be reluctant to go against Crocs now, as we head into the summer season where it typically does its best business.

Cramer's bottom line: “Crocs is a great trade going into the quarter and Under Armour is a great investment for the year."

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