Mad Mail

Dear Jim: Big fan of the show - nice work! I know you always have our backs, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on NYSE Euronext ? I've been taking a bit of a bath, and I'm wondering if I should hold on … or bail out? -_Sean

Cramer says: “I feel very strongly that this company is the future. This company is more Europe than America. Euronext is going to report in three weeks, and you’ll see what I mean.” Cramer pulled the trigger and bought NYX when it was at $84 for his charitable trust, and he says he will buy more. “I’m sticking with it, and I think its going to be a great, great stock for the next three to five years.”


Dear Jim: You’re my "ambassador of kwan." Sold out of Cummins on Friday, nice 37% return in five days. Please forward all your hate mail to me. I’ll be more then happy to reply to your critics from the beaches of Nassau. I’ve been down here since Saturday morning; all the other flights conflicted with Mad Money. --Lefty

Dear Jim: Last week, you questioned yourself about why you do the show. You have allowed us to have insight and gain some control over the decisions that we make about our money. On a lighter side, you have a gift for entertainment! (Although I still don’t like the knife - there are children watching.) Why is Rockwell Collins not participating with the other defense stocks? Thanks - love your show, love your books, staff is great, and you are the best! --Lois

Cramer says: “I think Rockwell did not have a great quarter. I prefer Northrop Grumman or General Dynamics , particularly on the pullback.”

P.S. The knife was a gift from his cameraman, Keith.

Jim's charitable trust owns NYSE Euronext.

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