Contest Stocks: New Names Make Most Active List

Hey everyone. Here's a look at what the contest stocks are doing. We've added number of shares for the most active. Speaking of the most active, three names make an appearance for the first time--Qwest, Nam Tia Electronics and Vishay Intertechnology. But FMT and BQI are knocked out of the most active. The widely held remain the same. Two "bigger" companies...Chiquita and Wrigley...appear on the list of biggest gainers.

Buys with biggest percentage gain:
ISE 45.8661%
KNXA 9.5929%
CQB 7.933%
WWY 6.9573%
SIMO 6.6374%

Buys with biggest percentage loss:
SLFI 19.6429%
ACP 17.4177%
GTXI 13.1731%
SIGM 12.4439%
TRA 12.2388%

Most active stocks:
SIRI shares: 507,747,878
CNXT shares: 415,353,172
KLIC shares: 409,569,319
REV shares; 3674,03,589
CMGI shares: 277,554,039
AMCC shares: 189,177,185
VG shares: 186,784,896
Q shares: 170,178,478
NTE shares: 152,992,297
VSH shares: 140,616,636

Widely held stocks:
CMGI shares: 3,516,087,413
REV shares:2,737,873,798
CNXT shares: 2,395,257,760
SIRI shares: 2,278,430,264
VG shares: 1,951,476,596
KRY shares: 1,307,979,462

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