Is Rupert Murdoch trying to acquire too much power?

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch

"Too much power for a far right conservative to have on our free air waves. And, too much right wing propaganda will be espoused just as it is on FOX TV shows like Bill O'Reilly, etc."
-- Nellie T.

“It is not too much power, just free market and capitalism at it's best. There is just a bunch of "cry babies" and liberals on your site saying that he is too conservative, with Fox News etc. So what, if he can do it and wants to do it go ahead!"
-- Corey D., Maryland

"The TV stations and newspapers are SO biased in favor of the liberals, it would be refreshing to have another conservative view."
-- Dian B., Iowa

"Most protesting Murdoch's bid cite his conservative political leanings. I guess freedom of speech and enterprise extends only to those of prevailing liberal viewpoints. Would we hear the same outcry if the New York Times Company made a bid for Dow Jones? Unlikely."
-- Kevin M., New Jersey

"No, he isn't. Allow the free market to determine how businesses will be acquired and run."
-- Micki L., Florida

"Its not necessarily a matter of too much power its what he will do with that power. The Wall Street Journal in my opinion has the most unbiased reporting around. Will Rupert turn it into a “Fair and Unbiased” newspaper; I think not. His examples: Fox News and the Post precede him."
-- Phil G., Florida

"No he isn't...We have so many outlets for news and information and there are virtually no barriers to entry in the Internet space so it's unlikely anybody will be able to acquire too much power here. Viacom, NBC Universal and Disney own quite a bit, so this isn't unprecedented. "The Wall Street Journal" is a great publication that will likely get even better if the deal is accepted."
-- Ray M., Florida

"Murdoch's journalism has less to do with news and more to do with trash and right wing sensationalism as evidenced on Fox Network. Should the acquisition go through he will ruin the Journal and send U.S. business news back 50 years."
-- Gary P.

"Murdoch’s news machine is too heavily invested in partisianship and division. We want "The Wall St Journal", not propaganda. I applaud the Bancrofts. Clearly, great wealth and power don’t always mean the darkside. "
-- Lance J.

"Gee, I didn’t know you could have to much power."
-- L.C

"Let me see, the guy that owns the mouth piece of the right winged propaganda...Fox News...wants to buy the Dow? Why not?! They've bought everything else. Great, capitalism meets oligarchy."
-- Nestor, New York