Rich & Richer: Couture Mansions

A mansion (or two) with all the trappings comes with the territory when you're rich, never mind super rich. But building your own castle takes time -- 48 months, by one estimate -- and who has the time or interest in dealing with architects, builders, designers and local authorities?

Enter Antares Investment Partners, which will do it all for you. In fact, it's building several homes on spec.

It's called couture-ready real estate. And what better place to launch the concept than Greenwich, Conn., the hedge fund capital of America and home to many a multi-million dollar home.

The company will build you a masterpiece. The firm's largest property is a $25 million, 41,000 square-foot complex.

Diana Olick met with Antares founder Joseph Beninati and checked out one mansion being built.