Nokia Sued in U.S. Over a Technology Patent

New Zealand-based company Michael S Sutton has filed a complaint against Nokia in the United States for infringing a data packaging technology patent and is seeking damages, court documents showed.

The complaint -- which says the world's top cellphone maker is using in its messaging applications technology patented by Sutton -- was filed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on April 30.

Nokia said it would actively defend its rights in the case.

"This case was previously filed against Nokia and then voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff. We will analyse the details of the new case which was filed on 30 April, 2007 and actively defend the rights of Nokia," a spokeswoman said.

Legal rows in the wireless industry have increased as the complexity of technologies in phones grows.

Nokia is currently in a major dispute with U.S. Qualcommon a cross-licensing agreement between the two firms.