It's Time for the Lightning Round!

NYMEX Holdings : Cramer says this stock is marking some time ahead of its next big move. He recommends buying it here as it could go higher.

DivX : “I am very worried about DIVX and their growth pattern,” Cramer says. “I have to stay away from that stock, even down $3.”

Dendreon : Cramer thinks Dendreon has run too far. He said ultimately he thinks DNDN will go down to $12 but he did not see the approval coming for their drug Provenge, so he cautions Home Gamers to take what he says about Dendreon with a grain of salt.

Patterson-UTI Energy : It’s still to early to pull the trigger here, Cramer says. Go with Nabors .

NVIDIA : “I don’t like tech here … I am not going get behind NVIDIA.”

Accenture : Cramer likes Accenture and expects it to have another good quarter – plus, it’s much less expensive than the Indian companies, he says.

Altria : “I never quibble with a stock that’s up $31 year-over-year that yields over 5%,” Cramer says. “If this stock were even to drop another dollar I would buy more of it.” He thinks the company will split its operations between international and domestic and he recommends getting in ahead of that.

Fronteer Development : A speculative uranium play with a Turkish overtone? Too dicey for Cramer. “If you want a bizarre uranium play I’m sending you to Mosaic .”

Healthcare Services : "This is a real steady business … I’m going to bless Healthcare Services.”

American Science & Engineering : “I don’t like you in that stock and I want you elsewhere.”

Vulcan Materials : Cramer is not the least bit deterred, even after Vulcan’s earnings. It is an “absolutely terrific company … I did not think that was a bad quarter, that was just a profit taking quarter,” he says. The fact that the stock bottomed today means he would buy up some more.

Jim's charitable trust owns Altria.

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