Your Latest Emails On The Contest

Hey folks. Thought I'd put up some of the most recent emails you've sent in. I've tried to pick out the ones that reflect the current general feeling from all of you. Yes, we do get a lot of thanks as well as some criticisms. Whichever way you feel, we thank you for your responses.

Margaret writes:
Thank you, CNBC, for the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this contest and have learned so much. I hope that you are planning to offer this contest again someday. Playing the market with make-believe money is really fun.
Margaret W.

Starr says:
Gosh, I love this Game!!
Are we going to have another chance soon to play again? I've learned so much and enjoyed watching Cramer and the Fast Money Men. I'm scrambling to adjust my resources to eventually play Optionsxpress for real but it's just not as inviting and pretty as your format. Thanks for the chance to learn and become, at the very least, a better informed citizen
Starr B.

Takako wrote in (she's a current name on the leaderboard):
I watched it and fainted 1 million times!!
Amazing, Bill pronounced my name so correctly…. I always knew he was the best of the best! Or he had a friend called Takako… I love all of them, Sue, Liz, Ellen, Maria, Rick, Bob, and etc etc,,, . So, I replayed the tape and fainted many times!!
(this was the "Power Lunch" daily update on the contest)

I watch you all day long!!… Still, I chose not to give up and try hard, whatever result is. In that case, I will never fail, and will succeed to get wisdom to trade. This contest is very good learning experience.

Even though I know “Nothing” about U.S. stocks I was able to get into rank 4. Because I watch CNBC news all day long, and watch Mad Money and Fast Money (my inevitable prerequisite). And maybe my favorite Jim and CNBC people were buying my pick (stocks) and squeezed shorts. Maybe because I checked more than 2000 charts…. Anyways, it is all you!! You made this happen! Thank you very much. I appreciate you very very much!!
Aloha and Mahalo,
Takako F.
(this email was edited for purposes of the person's privacy)

Bob writes:
I have noticed that some weeks the weekly leaders have some names appearing on the list several time. Is there a reasonable explanation for this occurrence or are they gaming the system by registering several times and in a sense using the $1 mil several times?
Bob M.
(Yes Bob, mutlitple portfolios are valid)

Ron says:
I am currently in the top 1% of well over 900,000 people and it has been GREAT FUN for me.I hope to be a contender next year and walk away with some cash.My hat is off to the people with over $3 Million in their account. Thanks for the experience.
Ron of Novi Mi.

And finally from Nancy:
How do we know what the leading portfolio's value is? I can see my individual ranking and would like to know how much more I need to be a contender...yes, I'm dreaming. I've never traded a stock prior to entering your contest and have found myself in the top 2%, woo I have a chance at winning the million???? By the way, what are the weekly gains in percentage value for the weekly winners?
Nancy P. (Nancy and others: we do try to give you as much information as possible. There are several people working on gathering the statistics. We know it's not all that you want, and we will take all of your suggestions seriously.)

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