Is the Spider-Man franchise too naughty for a preteen audience? 

Actor Thomas Haden Church as Sandman in a battle with Spider-Man in a scene from "Spider-Man 3."
Actor Thomas Haden Church as Sandman in a battle with Spider-Man in a scene from "Spider-Man 3."

"I don’t think so. There may be a few curse words and a hint of romance but I think it’s fine for preteens."
-- Christine F.

“I expect ‘Spider-Man 3’ to do extremely well at the box office. I've always enjoyed comic heroes adapted in movie form. Sex and cursing is the last thing on my mind. Spiderman isn't that naughty.”
-- Chuck H., Mississippi

"Yes, too much sex from Hollywood. Bottom line is that most of the movie industry has no guiding values aside from making money. Unfortunately, the youth of America get introduced at a young age to things well beyond their years. Spiderman, once a great character, gets redefined in the typical Hollywood format. Some rationalize that it's 'just a movie'. What it is a vehicle for high impact messages and influence. Let's not be naive."
-- Max, North Carolina

"I read part of the book of Spider-man III, released prior to the movie’s release, with my nine year old son and I couldn’t believe the amount of cursing. I don’t expect much better from the movie at this point. I hate these movies that are clearly marketed to preteens that contain such overt language and sexual content.”
-- Ed, Alabama

"If you have to ask; then YES!"
-- Randy S., New Hampshire

"It depends on the teenager. The basic message, of these kinds of movies, is still good vs. evil. It is time we all started remembering it is still just a movie!"
-- Corey D., Maryland

"Hollywood Directors and Screenplay Writers need to carefully consider who will most likely watch their films. In this case, it is Spider-Man III and there is just too much violence and sex for preteens to see a movie about a comic book hero. What happened to making movies that were free and clear of sex and violence such as 1970's box office hit, "Herby, The Love Bug", or the 1980's box office hit, 'Clifford'?"
-- Jack, North Carolina

"If a person is interested in Spiderman, Batman, Superman, or Star Wars movies , then sex is the last thing he or she would be intersted in. These films are nerd magnets."
-- Saed. N, San Diego

"I think the storyline has taken all of the fun and adventure out of Siper-Man. The movie ruined the persona. The mystery was lost."
-- S.S.