UnderBomber, Bonds Gone, Tiger vs. MJ & More

Video Pulled, UnderBomber Fired

Under Armour
Under Armour

You've probably seen the video by now: the Under Armour employee day at Camden Yards. If you haven't seen it, it's too late. The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network has now pulled it from YouTube.

It goes like this: reporter from the MASN during the Orioles pregame show is doing a live shot with employees of the sports apparel brand and the guy who she picks out of the crowd is very potentially inebriated already, somehow. The guy drops an F-Bomb -- there's obviously no delay -- and the reporter Amber Theoharis tries as hard as she can to maintain composure.

A source tells CNBC that the employee was identified from the video as a full-time consultant, who had worked for the brand for about a month, has been fired. An Under Armour official declined comment.

Bonds' Image Removed From Victor Conte's Web Site

Last week, I was shocked to see Barry Bonds and his trainer Greg Anderson on the front of a Web page advertising BALCO founder Victor Conte's new legitimate supplement business. Well, today I went back and Bonds and Anderson have been removed.

Tiger or Michael?

Tiger Woods played with Michael Jordan yesterday in the Wachovia Championship Pro-Am in

Video Pulled, UnderBomber Fired

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Charlotte. Since they are the most marketable athletes ever, we decided to take a look at the recent endorsement rankings of the two, thanks to the folks at the Davie-Brown Index.

AWARENESS: Tiger is known by about 95 percent of U.S. consumers. Jordan, who retired four years ago, is known by about 93 percent of consumers.

APPEAL: Jordan is still more likeable than Tiger with appeal scores of 78.2 and 77.5, respectively.

NOTICE: Almost identical with Jordan (64.8) slightly ahead of Woods (64.2).

TRENDSETTER: Tiger is considered more of a trendsetter than MJ, though not by much (71.1 vs. 69.1).

INFLUENCE: Woods has the edge here, as well (74.4 vs. 72.4).

TRUST: A key category. Tiger leads Jordan, but his lead is not significant (68.7 vs. 67.6).

ENDORSEMENT: Consumers now consider Woods to be a better endorser than Jordan (76.2 vs. 74.4).

ASPIRATION: Woods is also more aspirational than MJ (73.7 vs. 71.9).

Despite Tiger edging out Jordan, given the success of the Jordan brand, I'd argue that Jordan is still more important to Nike than Woods is. In the shoe world, Jordan is still the single greatest athlete endorser. The big question becomes, how long can this last, especially as they'll soon run out of retro Jordans to re-release.

Tiger's Next Endorsement?

The Smoking Gun, one of the most awesome Web sites in the world, got their hands on various flight requests for Tiger Woods for a NetJets flight he flew in 2004. Here's a look at some of the great details:

"Mr. Tiger Woods drinks liter bottles of Evian cold. He likes to have cranberry juice particularly on international flights as well as Ginger Ale. He is currently keeping a low-fat diet. He sometimes snacks on a bagel with peanut butter and a sliced banana."

"Mr. Tiger Woods is ALLERGIC to garlic."

"Please make sure you have playing cards on board. Mr. Woods is also a big fan of action/adventure/mystery movies and loves to watch them. For an 'extra' on long flights, it might be nice to have a couple for him to choose from in addition to what you carry."

"(Tiger's wife) Ms. Nordegren drinks Fiji, room temperature, and likes fruit; particularly grapes and peaches. She drinks tea (Earl Grey) with honey in it."

Tickets with Your Ten-Pound Bag of Swedish Fish?

I have to tell you that I'm really impressed with the folks in marketing at the Los Angeles Dodgers. I loved their embracing of the All-You-Can-Eat and now I'm really into their selling of tickets at Costco .

Yes, that's right. Along with your 36-pack of Charmin and 64-bottle Gatorade carton, you can buy Dodgers tickets -- discounted of course -- at Costco. Last week, the team announced that starting today, at 26 Costco locations in Southern California, fans can get two field box seats and game programs for a total of $54 -- 40 percent off the face value of $100.

Now let me tell you why I think this really works. It's because when you enter a Costco, or a Sam's Club, or any other one of those bulk wholesalers that are open to the public, you have a different mentality than when you enter a supermarket. You are willing to spend much more than you usually would because you have that whole "savings" mentality.

Putting tickets in a non-traditional space like that is also a bonus because there will be some people that will buy it just for the nice surprise it gives them.

"Hey honey, what did you get at Costco?"

"Oh, a year supply of Windex, 27 laundry detergents and two tickets to the Dodgers game!"

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