Stock Picks From The '25% Cash Machine' Guru

Bryan Perry specializes in dividend stocks that yield returns of 25% or higher. The author of "The 25% Cash Machine" joined CNBC's Erin Burnett to offer "Street Signs" viewers some of his favorite stock picks.

Perry joked with Burnett that his stock recommendations that "may be boring -- but have very exciting returns."

- Eagle Bulk Shipping. He said the firm, the U.S.' biggest dry-bulk shipper, is a play on the phenomenal growth of China and India -- which have "huge appetites" for commodities like iron ore, grains, cement, coal and sugar. Eagle has seen its day rates double since China joined the WTO, Perry said.

- B&G Foods. "Just go to your cupboard to see" this firm's products, which include Ortega salsas, Cream of Wheat and B&M Baked Beans. Perry likes the company's income deposit securities, which he describes as a combination of a stock and a bond -- which can pay a dividend yield approaching 9%, "even after the stock rose more than 40% over the year.

- Centerplate. The firm is the largest concessionaire in America, hosting "most" major league baseball, NFL and NBA games. It also serves "a number of other venues" for rock concerts and conventions. Centerplate also issues deposit securities, whose yield approaches 8%. Perry said the expansion of the U.S. population and professional sports in general "bodes very well, long-term" for the company.