It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Sirius Satellite Radio : Cramer believes if the merger with XM goes through, “you would have an overnight $6 stock” in Sirius. But because of all the government hearings, he’s nervous it might not happen. The spread is 80 cents down, $3 up on the merger, he says. The problem is that the 80 cents could come first. SIRI is a "don’t buy."

American Tower : “I want to reiterate that American Tower is best in show.”

Rosetta Resources : “This company is worth a lot more than it’s selling for. I want you in that stock, and I want you in it here.”

Capital One Financial : While Cramer likes the credit-card business long term, Cap One has mortgage problems. The stock was recently sold from Cramer's charitable trust, and he is no longer bullish on it.

Daktronics : “I’m down on these guys,” Cramer says. The opportunity cost for being in Daktronics is too high right now, and he recommends selling it.

Schlumberger : “I believe Schlumberger is going higher. I want you in that stock, but let’s wait for some weakness,” Cramer says, since the stock is on its high right now.

Verasun Energy : Cramer isn’t bullish on any ethanol plays right now. He would much rather own Deere , which he says is the only game in town other than Mosaic .

Incyte : This is a speculative stock, and it’s doing fine, Cramer says. “I’m not backing away.”

Reliance Steel : Cramer likes RS as well as Allegheny Technology . He says stay long both – “The steels are going higher.”

Dendreon : “I don’t want to touch it. I think it has gotten too expensive.” Cramer doesn’t think there’s anymore upside, even with the final approval of Provenge.

U.S. Gold : When it comes to gold, Cramer likes Yamana Gold first, then Kinross , and Golden Star Resources as a speculative play.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Halliburton.

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