The Big Picture: Making It Work

In an age when big media conglomerates and telecom companies race to profit from rapidly developing broadband technologies -- and, as of late, potential media and Internet industry consolidation -- many of those at the NCTA Cable Show in Las Vegas are focused not only on innovation, but strategic alliances as well.

CNBC's Erin Burnett and Julia Boorstin are at the event to get a big picture on how cable TV and telecom giants are fighting for a bigger piece of the broadband pie.

Media Competition

Not too long ago, talk of the cable TV industry leading the mobile media revolution was dead. How to efficiently distribute content was a major hurdle. Fast forward to today, and cable TV seems to have the advantage over telecom on who will prevail as the driving force behind providing and distributing content. Erin Burnett took a look on the opening day of the conference.

Cable Hook Up In Sin City

Now that companies have improved the quality of the video delivered and displayed on mobile devices, content providers such as ESPN, TV Guide and The Weather Channel have wasted no time in providing content in real time. With Qualcomm's streaming technology, MediaFLO, content providers will be able to deliver media the same way as it is transmitted to your television. CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on how these breakthoughs will add fully programmable television to your already-taxed phone/MP3/PDA/camera mobile device.

Disney-Cox Deal

How to craft a profitable ad revenue stream from broadband content distribution? As advertisers throw millions of dollars at cable TV, cable provider, Cox Communications has struck a deal with Disney which involves providing free content from ABC and ESPN. Julia Boorstin examines the relationships advertisers have with content providers when it comes to thinking outside of the cable box.