Commodity Strategists Say Gold, Silver Still Glitter

Want to make money in commodities? Jeffrey Christian, group managing director at CPM, and Philip Gotthelf, president and commodities analyst at Equidex, have some advice for investors. The strategists joined "Closing Bell" to point out the sectors they think the smartest money should chase.

Gotthelf told CNBC's Dylan Ratigan that "a lot of money" is going into energy and metals. He says they're "vertical from an investor's perspective": not only can one trade on the physical substances, but on the stocks. And he notes that precious metals have a "whole extra tier" for investment: exchange traded funds. Gotthelf says good plays include gold, silver, platinum, palladium and energy contracts.

Christian, the author of "Commodities Rising," agreed with Gotthelf's list of metals -- except for platinum, which he feels is very pricey.

He said that for mining, oil and gas operations, "a lot of the big growth in terms of capital appreciation" happens among "smaller" companies. In the wake of Alcoa's bid for rival Alcan, Christian said "the majors have to acquire each other in order to grow." But investors can find real growth in smaller stocks, he said.