It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Aruba Networks : When Cramer hears “voice, video and data,” he’s sending you to either Corning or Level 3 Communications , which is his favorite speculation play.

Whole Foods : Cramer liked the idea of Whole Foods merging with Wild Oats to take out some of the competition, but now that the deal looks like it’s on hold, he isn’t recommending WFMI.

CSX : This railroad had the best conference call that Cramer heard all quarter. “How can you not buy CSX?” he asks, although he admits he owns Union Pacific for his charitable trust. It’s nothing personal to CSX, he says.

Best Buy : He’s giving it a “buy, buy, buy” at $45 and a “sell, sell, sell” at $50, but he doesn’t see any change in the short term.

Medtronic : While Medtronic is good, Cramer says, he prefers St. Jude . And when it comes to healthcare in general, “I’m sending you back to Allergan .”

Under Armour : “The problem is that the growth is 24%, but the multiple is 48%,” Cramer says. He would have preferred a more aggressive outlook from the company, and he would rather recommend Crocs , which continues to go higher. “I am now condoning taking off one-third of the CROX position I recommended because I think that $70 stock is going – I kid you not – to $90.”

Barrick Gold : ABX has its act together, Cramer says, but he’s sticking with three gold plays, in this order: Yamana Gold , Kinross and his most recent spec addition, Golden Star Resources .

Quintana Maritime : Cramer says General Maritime , or any of its derivatives, is best of breed, but QMAR isn’t bad. “It’s got a 5% yield, it’s at a 52-week high. I like it very much, it’s a nice bold play.”

Jones Soda : Cramer won’t recommend this stock again until it goes below $20.

Wynn Resorts : Wynn is a good play, he says, but he likes Las Vegas Sands a bit more because it’s cheaper and more seasoned. Both companies are "buys" because of their leverage to Macau.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Union Pacific.

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