Celeb Bench: Throw Me A Parade If I Win!

Johnny Bench
Johnny Bench

So, it's bottom of the ninth, two out, the home team is down one run, there's a man on third and Johnny Bench is up at the plate (let's make this the year 1976). That's a pretty good scenario for sure in baseball. But having Hall of Famer Johnny B. as your stock picker might not be the best choice--as the Trading With The Stars portion ends this Friday. Johnny is currently in 5th place which is certainly a lot better than being in last.

We have some video of his appearance this morning in "Squawk Box." He said that if he did win--they'd have to have a parade for him. Interesting note--an email that came in said that Johnny was doing better than the emailer's soon to be fired IRA manager!!

Well, maybe there's life after life--after baseball for Johnny--in IRA picks. FYI--Johnny is all in with AOB --his favorite stock.

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