My Dad is Warren Buffett


Earlier this week, we aired a show in which I sat down with Warren Buffett's kids: Susie, Howard and Peter. In an act of unprecedented generosity, their father last year announced plans to give away nearly $30 billion to charity, much of it to the Gates Foundation. But the question on everyone's minds: what about the kids?

Every Buffett gets a billion -- but not for him or herself. No, those funds go directly to their foundations, each of which is run by one of Warren's three kids. The kids aren't broke, but dad's not filling up their bank accounts with hundreds of millions either.

When I asked Peter if his father had given him billions, he told me "absolutely not," and that -- while he's been very lucky to be afforded some incredible opportunities in life -- the monetary windfall that people assume he's enjoyed is nothing more than misconception.

Like Peter, each of the Buffett kids is among the most down-to-Earth people I've met. You've heard stories about what a regular, unassuming guy Warren Buffett can be; believe me, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. It's no surprise that, like their father, they've dedicated the greater part of their lives to helping others -- and that's more than A big idea, that's THE big idea.

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