BlackRock's Doll Predicts Rate Cuts and Stock Opportunities

Equity markets are "pretty neutral" on the Federal Reserve's decision to hold rates, says Robert Doll, vice chairman and CIO For global equities at BlackRock. But he says profit can be made on stocks ahead of inevitable rate cuts, which should happen "around the end of the year." Doll advised "Street Signs" viewers where to find the opportunity in equities.

Doll told CNBC's Erin Burnett that investors needn't worry that they've missed the market rally run-up: "Markets rarely move in one direction," he said. At some point, "the market will get tired" and consolidate -- creating a good opportunity to put money into equities.

The CIO recommends that those investing "inside the U.S." seek "high cap, higher predictability and higher quality" companies. Beyond U.S. borders, "things are great," he declared.

He likes tech and "the big multinationals," many of which make "two thirds, three quarters" of their earnings abroad. Doll said stagnant tech spending will improve once businesses feel "confident" that there will be no recession -- and that the Fed will lower rates.