It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Metabolix : This is an experimental stock, Cramer says. It’s a big company with no sales, and he recommends staying with something “a little more substantive.”

Terra Nitrogen : “Fertilizer stocks are very right here,” he says, with a nice yield of 7%. “You’re good to go.”

Eastman Chemical : “This stock is probably going to go to $59 before it gets to $69,” Cramer says. “I would take a little off the table … it’s not that good all the way up here.”

St. Jude Medical : Cramer reiterates his buy for STJ. “It’s too small to be independent but too good to sell,” he says.

Crocs : Cramer thinks the majority of people who have been betting against Crocs are dead wrong. The company is headed into its strongest season, he says. “The story for Crocs is international. I still think it heads to $90.”

Las Vegas Sands : Cramer likes it on the pullback. “Buy! Buy! Buy!”

CKE Restaurants : This one is OK, but Cramer would rather send people to Chipotle , which is best of breed. He also likes Jack in the Box for its Mexican exposure.

Delta Air Lines : This company is not a takeover target, Cramer says, and should not be bought on that hope. He’s bearish on the stock overall.

Helmerich & Payne : “This is one of the best oil service companies there is,” Cramer says.

Vail Resorts : Cramer wants to do some more work before he opines on this one.

Ceradyne : Cramer likes Ceradyne. It reminds him of Force Protection and Spartan Motors . He expects all three to pull back, and would recommend buying them then.

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