Sell Block

First up is Healthsouth. Cramer did the math and figured out that HLS has a 39% chance of defaulting on its credit within seven years. The quarter was bad, too. Healthcare stocks aren’t supposed to be risky, Cramer says, so you might want to bail on HLS.

Cramer thinks there might be a backlash against drugs coming, so he recommends taking profits in Novo Nordisk, which is up 16% from his March 22 call.

Checking in with last Friday’s Game Plan, Fluor, McDermott and Foster-Wheeler have all done well this week. If you followed Cramer’s advice and now you’re wondering when to sell, he says FWLT at $100, MDR at $75, and FLR at $115 are target prices to watch.

Also from the Game Plan, CVS was up, though Dynegy was down, which Cramer says was a mistake. The heat and power company just didn’t get weather good enough to generate decent profits this season. He thinks it’s still good for the long term.

Finally, there’s Cisco. Cramer admits he got it wrong – he said he thought it would go higher, but ended up dropping. But he’s not giving up on it. Cisco is going to be a “dominant provider to both telco and cable worldwide,” he says. Home Gamers might even take this opportunity to buy in.

Bottom Line: Consider getting out of Healthsouth, taking profits in Novo Nordisk, staying long term in Dynegy and buying – not selling – Cisco.

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