Trading With Stars: Nothing To Do But Wait!

Friday--today--is the last day of Trading With The Stars--and only transactions that were input by 4 pm ET Thursday will make a difference in their standings. As the Dow fell almost 150 points, Ernie Hudson was the only celeb to show a portfolio gain Thursday--on Gmarket. Jonathan Tucker regained the top spot, and Stephen Collins fell back into second on heavy losses in Golden Telecom. Meanwhile, Chris Moneymaker got crushed on Allscripts Healthcare, which has cost him $181,862.60 since he purchased it on 5/8, and he is now in last place. James Cromwell was hit hard by Knot Inc which cost him $160K dropping him from 4th to 8th.

#1 Jonathan Tucker: $1,217,580.00 down $6,400.00 -0.52%.
Jonathan is all-in on 72,000 Shares of Seabridge Gold - this trade can make or break his lead.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#2 Stephen Collins: $1,210,896.47 down $26,928.84 -2.18%
Stephen's fate relies on:
5,080 shares of Exxonmobil.
5,570 shares of Valero EnergY.
6,316 shares of Holly Corp.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Sold 5,342 shares of Crocs Incorporated.
Sold 5,381 shares of Foster Wheeler.
Sold 6,600 shares of Golden Telecom losing $21K on its 5.55% decline.

#3 Johnny Bench: $1,083,403.84 down $44,619.84 -3.96%.
No transactions Thursday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Johnny lost $47K with American Oriental Bioengineering which was down 4.23% Thursday. He is still all-in on AOB with will determine Johnny's fate.

#4 Ernie Hudson: $1,057,135.97 up $22,426.36 +2.17%.
Ernie's standing depends on his all-in play with 32,210 Shares of NVIDIA Corp.
Sold 48,519 Shares of Gmarket earning him $24K on its 2.61% gain.
Sold 16,666 Shares of Six Flags.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#5 Chris Gardner: $1,033,935.00 down $22,060.00 -2.09%.
Sold 2,000 shares of Inc.
Sold 2,500 shares of Cummins Inc.
Sold 2,500 shares of IAC/Interactive Corp.
Sold 7,000 shares of SJW Corp.
Sold 3,000 shares of Itron Inc.

#6 Judy Gold: $1,031,933.46 down $17,895.30 -1.70%.
No transactions Thursday.
Judy lost $12K on Exelon Corp. which was down 1.57%, and she still holds 10,225 shares and 9,856 shares of PDL BioPharma .

#7 Lawrence O'Donnell: $ 1,011,326.00 down $4,590.00 -0.45%
No transactions Thursday.
Lawrence is betting on:
2,000 shares of BP.
3,000 shares of Starbucks.
5,000 shares of Rollins.
He is holding $674,656 in cash.

#8 James Cromwell: $955,845.83 down $157,720.00 -14.16%
Sold 49,000 shares of Knot Inc. costing him $160,720.00 on Knot Inc. which was down 14.62% Thursday.
Bought 72,965 shares of U.S. Bioenergy Corp .

#9 Willie Garson: $1,006,855.47 down $1,364.19 -0.14%
No transactions Thursday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Willie is betting on Ligand Pharmaholding 145,473 shares.
He holds $6,001.23 in cash.

#10 Chris Moneymaker: $925,154.09 down $53,539.71 -5.47%.
No transactions Thursday.
Chris lost $181,862.60 on Allscripts Healthcare Inc. since it was purchased on 5/8. It was down an additional 5.48% Thursday, he holds 40,868 shares as well as:
1 share of
1 share of J2 Global Comm.
1 share of Gigamedia.
Chris holds $1,026.02 in cash.

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