Contest: Where We Are Now--Don't Stop Trading!

Hi everyone, thought it might be good to let you know where we are with the contest. We have one more weekly winner to crown--he/she should be known by Tuesday or Wednesday (we have to get confirmation from the winner before announcing). That winner will join the other 9 weekly winners as finalists. We also will be taking the top ten names with the highest portfolio values at the end of this week--to make up a list of 20 finalists trying to win the million dollars. BUT YOU SHOULD NOT STOP TRADING! Why? Second Chance Showdown.

SCS--is open to anyone who didn't make the finals. You will have the same two weeks as the contest finalists--to build the biggest portfolio to win a complete Sony Home Theatre System including a 46" HDTV. So keep trading! The finalists of the Million Dollar Challenge and the contestants who opted in for Second Chance Showdown, will have until the end of trading on Friday, May 25th to build their portfolios. So good luck to all!

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