Opportunities In India Abound

A lot of investors and U.S. businesses look to China for opportunities, but is India the sleeper pick for investors? Top strategists Lawrence Goodman, head of emerging markets strategy at Bank of America, and Andrew Foster, lead portfolio manager of the Matthews India Fund, joined Sue Herera to weigh-in on this topic this afternoon on Power Lunch.

Goodman believes that a sound portfolio would have exposure to both China and India.

“What’s driving the Indian economy relates to strong domestic demand. Investment locally is really quite strong," said Goodman. He is starting to see a shift from a heavily oriented service sector in India to manufacturing as well. “There are a lot of interesting changes on the margin that make India an attractive investment destination," said Goodman.

While Foster believes there are many investment opportunities in India, he remains cautions.

"An investor should look at this with caution because India has performed so well," said Foster, who said that market is still growing at a rate of 20%.