It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Blockbuster : Ever since they got rid of CEO Joe Antioco, Cramer has been bearish.

Spartan Motors : “Keep the faith, it’s going higher,” Cramer says.

NuStar GP Holdings : This stock is OK, but Cramer would rather be “furiously buying” Enterprise Products Partners .

Activision : Another stock that’s OK, but not nearly as good as GameStop , Cramer says, which is best in show.

Sysco : Cramer is hesitant. The quarter was no good, he says, and he’d rather go with restaurant names that have proven themselves to him, such as Cheesecake Factory , Chipotle and Darden . He’s also been warming up to Jack in the Box in the space.

Cepheid : The bears are swarming this one, Cramer says, but he likes it for its staph infection detection kit.

Trump Entertainment : Cramer’s eating crow after he recommended this stock at $22 and it dropped to $13 and change.

Biovail : “I have always felt that the company had a credibility problem,” Cramer says. It’s just not good enough. He would rather go with Abbott Labs or Schering-Plough .

ITT Educational Services : “That is a winning stock even though it’s two points above par,” Cramer says. “I want you to say with ITT Educational.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Freeport-McMoRan.

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