Re-Cap: All Info Heading Into Finals

Here's our re-cap of the day. Remember, the two week finals begin this Monday for both the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge and Second Chance Showdown (open to all non-portfolio challenge finalists who have opted-in). All players in both contests start Monday with a fresh portfolio of $1,000,000 CNBC Bucks--and each player has only one portfolio. There are no more trivia questions for Bonus Bucks--today's the last day for them. And if you think you will be weekly winner #10, check your email--starting tonight--to see if we've contacted you and you qualify as the winner. That way you can start trading on Monday with the rest of the finalists.

Good luck to all!!

Trivia (last day)--The video question is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks: The board of Volkswagen is set to meet today to discuss a bid from what rival automaker? Your selection of answers is: Ford or Porsche or BMW or General Motors.

The news trivia question is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks: According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, home prices in Seattle are up how much from a year ago? Your selection of answers is: 19% or 23% or 10% or 12%.

The answers can be found in the News and Video sections of Bonus Bucks will be added to your portfolio cash balance by 8:30 a.m. the day after you answer the question correctly. Remember go to the contest home page and click on the Bonus Bucks link to select your answers.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan $4,886,454.68
2. Shi Nisman 4,736,507.23
3. Carl Altenburg 4,594,001.98
4. Stephen Luchko 4,510,931.38
5. David Gibbons 4,506,201.12
6. Steven Lee 4,485,860.91
7. Mary Williams 4,291,754.89
8. Stephen Luchko 4,119,155.53
9. Joe Dondero 3,913,151.74
10. Eric Pirhalla 3,502,241.62
11. Lina Kim 3,465,763.67
12. Ban Tran 3,328,516.10
13. Sean Kyong Kim 3,286,704.87
14. Christine Ferrigno 3,227,486.70
15. Deborah Taft 3,215,825.00
16. Chishyan Chang 3,200,780.97
17. Mark Dallas 3,188,970.57
18. William LaDue 3,184,729.45
19. Barry Schoelch 3,171,372.20
20. Ban Tran 3,170,440.66

This week's current top percentage gainers:
1. William Gabriel
2. William Gabriel
3. Niick Carraway
4. William Gabriel
5. Nick Carraway
6. William Gabriel
7. William Gabriel
8. Nick Carraway
9. William Gabriel
10. Nick Carraway

Most actives as of the close on 5/10:
Sirius: on 3 times the volume of any of the other actives at 3,035,879,280.
Vonage Holdings
Golden Star Resources
Halozyme Therapeutics
Conexant Systems
Alcatel Lucent
Six Flags Inc.

Widely helds as of the close on 5/10:
Sirius: 5,605,863,872 shares held, up from the previous day.
Revlon: 4,495,047,306 shares held, up from the previous day.
CMGI: 4,255,182,771 shares held, up from the previous day.
Conexant: 3,744,532,664 shares held, up from the previous day.
Vonage: 3,199,163,644 shares held, down from the previous day.
Crystallex International Corp.: 1,850,782,585 shares held, up from the previous day.

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