Contest Finals Begin Today: Second Chance As Well

As you probably all know by now, the finals for the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge started today. So what does this mean? Here are some points of interest:
--20 people are now competing for $1,000,000.
--the 20 are comprised of the top 10 portfolio holders after market close on Friday and the 10 weekly winners.
--everyone's portfolio was reset to $1,000,000 CNBC Bucks this morning.
--in the finals, there are no trivia questions and no bonus bucks.
--contestants have two weeks to accumulate the biggest gain.

Also--today is the kick off for Second Chance Showdown. As we've said, the game is played exactly as the finals - portfolios reset to $1,000,000, no bonus bucks, two weeks to win and come up with the highest portfolio value.

Please note in both the Finals and the Second Chance Showdown, players are only allowed one portfolio.

Here is a list of the finalists.

Top 10 portfolio holders:
- Serge Amelyan from Mequon, WI
- Shi Nisman from New York, NY
- Steven Lee from Los Angeles, CA
- Carl Altenburg from Toms River, NJ
- David Gibbons from Torrance, CA
- Stephen Luchko from Swathmore, PA
- Mary Sue Williams from Mary Saint Clairsville, OH
- Joe Dondero from Atlantic Highlands, NJ
- Ban Tran from Los Angeles, CA
- Barry Schoelch from Farmington, MI

Weekly Winners:
- Donald Tang from New York, NY
- Greyson Masters from Winchester, VA
- Vitaliy Khizder from South Euclid, OH
- James Kraber from New York, NY
- Scott Cole from Redwood City, CA
- John Tepichin from Dallas, TX
- Ryan Stackman from Mars, PA
- Chuck Chow from Bollingbrook, IL
- Nancy Beaumont from Walnut Creek, CA

Weekly winner #10 has been contacted--we are waiting for confirmation from them before announcing their name. They are able to begin trading today.

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