It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Scientific Games : “I believe it’s a decent stock. It’s just not as great as I thought…it needs more momentum to break out from this level.”

Chesapeake Energy : “Natural gas – talk about a quiet bull market…don’t you dare sell Chesapeake. That stock is going higher!”

Regal Entertainment : Cramer thinks this stock has run too much. He thinks Viacom is a better pick for playing the summer box office.

LSI Logic : “That was an awful quarter. I want you to switch into Texas Instruments….Don’t forget, Qualcomm is going higher, too.”

Republic Airways : “Cheap stock, but I am no longer recommending the airlines. They have had a really big run.” If you’re going to buy airlines, Cramer’s only pick would be Continental.

Yahoo! : Cramer says that as long as CEO Terry Semel is running Yahoo!, investors aren’t going to make any money.

Protective Life : “This is a great, great insurer.” Cramer’s bullish on PL.

Sysco Foods : “I don’t want you owning Sysco. I just don’t think they can deliver the way they used to. Let’s let it pull back to under $30, and then we’ll pull the trigger.”

Coach : “I think you buy the handbags, the stock I don’t want to touch here. That quarter was not that great.” Cramer wouldn’t buy Coach until it dips below $43.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Yahoo!

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