How Lina Kim Became Weekly Winner #10


Hey folks, here's more on how Lina became weekly winner #10. She had the top % gain of 82.39% for he last week of the regular contest. Interesting to note, Lina wasn't even on the weekly leaderboard on Thursday, but came from behind--just like Donald Tang the week before--to capture the top spot.

Lina started the week at $1,097,855.56 and ended on Friday, 5/11 after the close at $2,002,345.88 giving her the weekly gain of 82.39%. The trade that propelled her to the top was her all-in trade on Helen of Troy, a personal care appliances, brush and hair accessories company, up 13.81% Friday on strong earnings. Lina's otherbig trades for gains were:

-Vonage from $3.05 on 5/9 to $3.38 on 5/10 netting her $171,222.81 or 10.82%.

-McDermott Intl. from 5/7 at $59.03 to $65.59 on 5/8 netting her $158,069.76 or 11.11%.


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