Winn-Dixie: Just "Whistling" Or Contest Booster?

Hi there. Now that trading's done for today, anybody get a boost off of Winn-Dixie? Let us know if you did. It certainly made a lot of news today (see below). The stock went sky high today on earnings--up some 38% or more. Shares of the company touched a 52-week high of $26.05 during the day. The reason? Same-store sales rose by 1.6 percent for the third quarter, driven by increases in the average shopping basket--which on an identical store basis rose by 3.6 percent.

For the latest third quarter, the company reported net income of $17.8 million, compared with a net loss of $29.0 million last year. It had earnings per share of 33 cents for the latest quarter.

So--all this really means is that it was a good contest stock to buy if you were so inclined.

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