Analysis of an Office, Not Making Sense & Beard Talk

Analysis of an Office

Bud Selig
Bud Selig

The New York Times wrote a story about Bud Selig this weekend and how he might deal with Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's all-time home run record. The most interesting part of the story wasn't the article though. It was the photo pointed out by my family friend Neil.

Let's play a game of what's here and what's not here. There are at least two calculators on his desk, which I thought was strange for a baseball commissioner. I know it's a stat-driven sport, but just how much math is he doing?

The glaring thing missing is a computer of course. Selig refuses to use one and has his executive assistant handle emails. I understand why our president George W. Bush doesn't do the email thing because of the nature of everything being of public record.

If you don't want to be part of technology, go run a ranch in Boise, Idaho. But I think for any CEO of any business not to be directly available on email to his closest business associates is simply not acceptable.

Not Making Sense

Those who frequently visit this site know that I can't stand marketing deals that don't work. I'm pretty confident that a category that athletes should stay away from is the

Michael Jordan Cologne
Michael Jordan Cologne

perfume/cologne category, yet it seems like every month I'm hearing of a new deal.

Blame this all on Michael Jordan, who actually had tremendous success with his cologne alliance with Bijan in the late 90s. The launch of the Jordan cologne at the time was the best fragrance launch in the category's history with sales surpassing $350 million. It was followed by a second effort, Jordan By Michael. But Jordan is Jordan. Then we saw Avon sign Derek Jeter and Coty sign David Beckham and Laird Hamilton.

Parlux , which trades on the NASDAQ, went nuts signing Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick to deals and if I have any advice for them I say, work on Lakisha Jones from American Idol before you try to sign Sidney Crosby. Just look at how Roger Federer's "Limited Edition" cologne set is selling for $100 off.

We're just happy that we haven't seen any more news about Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Gustavo Chacin's fragrance. With a 25-15 record, the best name I could think of for that thing is "Mediodor."

The Talk Is of Beard

Just before her debut in Playboy, Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard has signed with Stone America Licensing, which will offer Beard's rights to companies to license apparel, health and beauty products, home products, exercise equipment and healthy and fitness videos, among other potential opportunities. Their release also said the 25-year-old would consider endorsing "bedding," though I'm not sure whether guys or girls would want to have that. Amanda's endorsement deals -- Speedo, Red Bull and Oroweat Bread -- have been negotiated by her agent Evan Morganstein. Just a funny side note, Oroweat Bread is made by a company called Bimbo Bakeries.

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