Web Celebs


Old media's reluctant fascination with new struck "The Big Idea" last night, with guests even the computer-illiterate couldn't pretend not to know. Web stars, defined not by name but by character, invaded our set, and by day's end, I couldn't get one disturbingly hypnotic word out of my head: SHOES!

Gary Brolsma, of Numa, Numa fame, didn't help things either, recreating the same daze from which I had just freed myself, only this time, with the oh-so-catchy Romanian lyrics, "Nu m?, nu m? iei."

If the Romanian is unclear, perhaps you'll better recognize them from their English transliteration, "Numa, numa, hey," or better still, straight from Gary's own lip-synching mouth, the way millions of American came to discover the joy of Europop band O-Zone .

Silly, bite-sized and, at times refreshingly simple, this group of cyber-stars struck fame by flouting an unprofessionalism that only the Internet could appreciate. In growing their fame, the trick for these stars of new media will be to preserve the same amateurish charm that made them famous, all the while expanding into more traditional forms. It’s a tough trend to break, but if anyone can do it, my girl Kelly can!

Donny Deutsch

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