Are You Diversified?

Cramer thinks Phil has too much oil exposure. Boeing should go to par ($100 in Wall Street gibberish), and Merck is a good pharmaceuticals company, but he’d dump HELIX and Valero for a financial like GS and maybe a restaurant stock.

“This man, Jim, from the land of Lincoln, has really produced an unbelievably fabulous and diversified portfolio.” RIG is the ultimate deepwater driller stock, Cramer says. BAC should stop with the acquisitions, but the yield and buyback are great. JCP has a great CEO in Myron Ullman. It’s time to buy more GOL. And there’s a huge lockup options expiration coming for FSLR, so Cramer would schnitzel a little and buy more at a lower price.

The iPhone definitely will help Apple, and Cramer likes BDK and Intuitive Surgical, the fastest-growing healthcare company in the world. He’s been recommending that investors buy gold during this weakness, too, and Yumana is one of his favorites. Carpenter is “a poor man’s Allegheny tech,” but that’s OK because Cramer likes the steel play. “I say hallelujah.”

The portfolio’s good, Cramer says, but Thermo Scientific and Stericycle are both medical instrument companies. “Too much med. Let’s ring the register on Thermo Fischer because everyone likes it now, and why don’t we put in Boeing? Boeing would do well for you.”

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