Contest Stocks: CMGI Pulls Trifecta, But Not A "Winner"

Okay, we're slowly but surely posting the most recent information on the contest. Here's the stock report--for both the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge and Second Chance Showdown. Earnings are still helping the best performers. One longtime favorite--CMGI--shows up on worst performer as well as most active and widely held. Maybe it's time has come and gone. Here ya go:

Best performing trades by % gain from Tuesday's close to Wednesday's close:
CV Therapeutics 11.6719%--submitted a new drug application to the FDA.
Copa Holdings 10.2289%--strong Earnings.
Quanex 10.0895%--mulling a spinoff, sale of jv with its building-products biz.
CommVault Systems 10.0633%--strong Earnings.
Bausch & Lomb 9.7561%--agreed to be acquired by PE firm Warburg Pincus.
Apex Silver Mines 8.4821%
InterCon. Hotels 8.3234%
MedCath 7.7093%
Compuware 7.3441%
D&S 7.197%

Worst performing trades by % loss from Tuesday's close to Wednesday's close:
Hanarotelecom -12.4656 Korea's 2nd largest broadband company.
Fronteer Dev. -6.9804%
Telef Argentina -5.9466%
Radiation Therapy -5.6953%
Sothebys Hldg. -5.4869%
Seabridge Gold -5.3674%
CMGI -5.042%
Enbridge Energy -4.8096%
Neurochem Inc -4.6205%
SunOpta -4.3814%

The Most active and widely helds for our Million Dollar Top 20 and Second Chance Finalists:

Most active:
CMGI--volume: 146,153,784
Revlon--volume: 86,063,859
Conexant Systems--volume:69,264,159
Gateway--volume: 55,229,104
Sirius Satellite--volume: 51,192,167
Vonage--volume: 50,780,551
Crystallex Intl.--volume: 49,324,678
Charter Comm.--volume: 44,240,106
Oilsands Quest--volume: 26,576,152
Compuware--volume: 23,863,926

Widely held:
CMGI shares: 398,764,437
Revlon shares:329,133,653
Crystallex Intl. shares: 231,515,708
Conexant Systems shares: 222,848,317
Sirius Satellite shares: 175,411,337
Gateway shares: 161,779,088

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