Quelle Surprise: French Workers Are World's Biggest Whiners

Sacre Bleu! French workers are the world's biggest whiners.

Dutch workers are the happiest, while the lowest worker morale is found in Japan.

Those are some of the conclusions from a study released earlier this week by FDS International, a London based market research agency.

The study, entitled “What Workers Want, A Worldwide Study of Attitudes to Work and Work-Life Balance”, was based on data from 14,000 employees in 23 countries. Workers were asked to rate their satisfaction with their work-life balance, pay levels and average weekly working hours.

The study found that French workers whine the most, while the Irish complain the least. Japanese workers have the lowest morale but do not often complain. The lowest levels of whining were found in the Netherlands, Thailand and Ireland.

After France, Britain and Sweden, the world’s biggest workplace whiners are Americans.

While levels of income are more than eight times higher in the U.S., more Americans feel their pay is a problem than workers in Thailand.

When complaining about pay, Russia topped the chart with 61% of workers unhappy compared to 43% of Chinese workers and 38% of American workers.