Will legislation allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. help or hurt business?

Immigrant rights supporters march
Immigrant rights supporters march

"Hurt! Our politicians are selling us out and jamming this Bill down our throats. This will put a sever strain on our states and take away from social security."
-- Ed S.

Of course, it will help business! Especially farmers, home builders, small business owners, restaurants, schools, working parents and so on." -- Sylvia G, Texas

"Probably help if there are plenty of jobs to go around."
-- N.T., Indiana

"Hopefully they will be allowed to stay; they definitely help business by doing the majority of low-income jobs that we would not do -- i.e. tending crops, maid/butler services, and being simply an underpaid good worker."
-- Patti G., California

"It will help American businesses tremendously. The whole U.S. economy has been built on the back of immigrants for hundreds of years. We're a nation of immigrants and we must understand that immigration of whatever sort, legal and illegal, is extremely good for our economy."
-- Dietmar S., Nevada

"I feel that it is bad for the U.S. business. The implications are horrendous for the US longer term. Social Services, Health Care, Social Security."
-- Michael R., Illinois

"It really doesn't matter. It will continue to be business as usual for employers and for the immigrants. This bill is just window dressing and Congress throwing a bone to the electorate to make it look like they are actually doing something."
-- James J., Iowa

"In the long run it will hurt the U.S. because the middle class will be totally gone; our wages will be depressed beyond comprehension."
-- Joe, Virginia

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"Immigration is the reason our labor supply continues to grow. Without that immigration we compound the baby boom retirement problems."
-- Rich M., Indiana

"This will probably help US businesses and investors in the short term, but hurt US workers. It is not true that illegal immigrants only do work that US citizens will not. So this increases the supply of labor, driving wages down to the benefit of the companies using the cheap labor."
-- Jim, New Jersey

"Bad. All about cheap labor not the highly skilled and educated people we really need."
-- Alan

"It will hurt most business. Once these illegal immigrants become legal, will they still want to settle for fewer wages? Will they start taking benefits from the government in long run? Why legalize these immigrants when they broke the laws to begin with?"
-- Jenny C., Indiana

"It will help businesses but hurt the American workers that are here legally, not to mention what it will do to our children and grandchildren when trying to find a good paying job in the future."
-- Connie, Oklahoma

"Finally legislators in this country have acted as true diplomats. Illegal immigrants cannot be deported, it is physically and economically impossible and those individuals who think immigration reform is not needed are in absolute denial. Given the current deficit, and concerns over national security, it is time people get out of the shadows and start incorporating them in a structured way to our society, which they are already a part of."
-- Alex A.

"Illegal immigration reform will keep wages depressed, at a time when food, gasoline, medical, education, costs are rising. Individuals cannot dip into their negative savings, or rely on declining home equity to assist them anymore.”
-- C.T.

"Business is all about profits. It will hurt businesses’ legal workforce by replacing them with low cost, illegal, culturally unassimilated workers solely to raise profits."
-- Glenn A.

"We are a nation of immigrants, this will help business."
-- Dan R., Georgia

"The immigrants currently in Colorado are absolutely an economic staple for our farming communities. Without them our farms cannot function. Their expertise in agriculture once removed creates a hardship for all farmers. You cannot find a workforce that can replace these people. They are essential for the progress and future of our state. The money they provide in taxes and buying power is staggering!"
-- Anthony M., Colorado

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"Of course it would, America is built on the little people doing all the work, I see this as no difference because of the type of jobs these people apply for."
-- K.R.

"Illegal immigrants being paid very little in wages saves us taxpayers money for products purchased or adds to a company’s bottom line, however, they do not pay taxes, therefore we subsidize their medical care."
-- Rick J., California

"If the Congress sanctions this, it will allow others to do the same thing again, and again, and again.........and the money to pay for all of this comes from the legal, taxpaying citizens of the U.S."
-- V.M., New York

"Allowing illegal immigrants into the country hurts this country. The illegals take American citizens jobs, are paid less, and lower U.S. citizens abilities to buy goods."
-- Matt, Michigan

"This will hurt business and the American worker, it will put our health care at risk and raise our taxes. Another failure of the Bush administration."
-- Gary, Illinois

"This is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country because it is long term and will not end here. Our social security will be at risk once they become citizens and it will not end there. Their demands will not end because they see themselves as vital to our economy, which in my opinion they are not. I have seen many people in the workforce displaced because they are willing to work for much less.”
-- Lynn D., Wisconsin

“We are spending millions in our education system to hire teachers to teach the illegals English. There are fee education programs (adult education) and others that offer English classes. Why should my tax dollars in public schools pay for this?
-- Robert B.

“Anything that Ted Kennedy is happy about is bad for business, bad for government, bad for America.”
-- George H., Florida

"While it is true that undocumented workers are here illegally, if they are all deported and somehow prevented from returning, who is going to replace them in the workforce? Removing these workers from the U.S. would gut our economy."
-- P.H.

"This is already hurting our economy, our educational standards, health care and employment for legal citizens. This is a travesty."
-- V.C., California

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"Mexico is exporting unemployment and we are going to suffer in the long run. First generation Latin immigrants are very willing to work, but second generation immigrants have the highest level of incarceration in U.S."
-- Stuart G., Texas

"If amnesty passes, it will hurt the American worker and those here legally!"
-- L.C.

"None of our elected officers are listening to the American people. What a joke."
-- R.M.

"Finally, a real solution! This will definitely help."
-- Marla R., Ohio

"In the long run, allowing millions of illegal immigrants legal residency will likely cost businesses more in taxes. There will be a clamor from Congress and many state legislators to "help" these new legal residents with improved medical care, more education expenses, upgrades to housing, etc. Since a significant tax increase to help fund all this assistance can't be passed onto the average household easily, our political leaders will look to the business community to carry the majority of these new costs."
-- Paul F., New Jersey

"It will hurt business and the country overall. I am disgusted with our government, from the president on down. They once again are not listening to their people. We must stand up for what is right. Two wrongs do not make a right."
-- M.N.

"If the legislation seals the borders like it says it will (doubtful) it'll eventually be bad for businesses. Those here legally will demand hire wages and there will be no more illegals to fill future requirements that companies will have. They'll have to pay hire wages to those who are here."
-- Ray M., Florida

"If the legislation is a Band Aid for amnesty it could help in the short term. But in the long run if businesses have illegals employed I believe it could hurt more than help."
-- Chuck H., Mississippi