It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Potash : “I still like it.” Potash, Monsanto, Mosaic and Agrium are all agriculture plays, and that market is in bull mode right now, Cramer says.

Cisco Systems : The stock is down a buck and a half, and Cramer’s still confident in the company enough – share buyback, strong products – to recommend pulling the trigger right here.

Harris Interactive : “I don’t see a lot going on there. They would have to be bought by somebody else to be able to really make it grow.” Cramer says this one's a don’t buy!

Lamar Advertising : Cramer’s charitable trust just sold its position in LAMR because he was worried about regulation hampering its billboard business. (LAMR makes high-tech boards that may distract drivers, which could lead to regulatory restrictions on their use.) Cramer wouldn't buy here.

Virgin Media : Cramer admits he was early with his call on VMED, but the stock’s down a dollar and he wants to stay with it.

Clearwire : “I want to stick by Clearwire.”

ViaSat : “I was surprised to see that stock go down…this is a company that grows at 17% with a 20 multiple…I think you gotta stick with it. I would even pull the trigger now that I take a look at it.”

Health Management : Cramer says that all these healthcare information management companies are getting takeover bids, but HMSY is too expensive – it’s selling at more than twice it’s growth, so Cramer can’t recommend it.

ING : “I say ING is now one of the cheapest banks in the world. I like their online strategy…I would buy that stock.”

Cleveland Cliffs : Cramer was let down by the delayed earnings report, but the consolidation in CLF’s sector is too much for him to ignore. “I want to buy some below $70.”

Giant Industries : Cramer would be a seller of the refiners. Plus, the stock’s had a great ride. “Ring the register. You’ve got a gigantic gain. Please don’t give that gain back.”

3M : “3M is still cheap. It can go up another two multiple points on that growth rate. I say it goes to $100.”

El Paso : Cramer likes the natural gas sector these days. Companies like EP, Dynegy, Halliburton, which is levered to nat gas, are all a buy.

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