Contest Stocks: Acxiom Popular Winner

Here's our contest stock report for both the finals and Second Chance Showdown. Acxiom proved to be a winner for several finalsts--and you can see why. It was up 18%. But those who had ADS did even better as that stock was up 24% on news of a merger. Weak earnings took a toll on the worst performing stocks--while the most active and widely held reamined the same.

Best performing trades by % gain from Wednesday's close to Thursday's close:
ADS Alliance Data Sys 24.6188%--being acquired by Blackstone Group in a deal valued at $6.43 billion.
Acxiom 18.082%--being bought by two private equity firms for $2.24 billion. Intl. 8.1152%--strong Earnings
Neurochem Inc 7.6125%
Raven Industries 7.5758%
DaiEi Inc. 7.3903%
Telef Argentina 7.2903%
D&S 7.0671%
Terra Nitrogen L P 6.9616%
Tronox Inc 6.4175%

Worst performing trades by % loss from Tuesday's close to Wednesday's close:
Opnext -11.6996%--weak Earnings
Regeneron Pharma. -6.4516%--weak Earnings
MedCath -6.0428%--weak Earnings
Ryerson -5.7607%
Kronos Worldwide -5.4705%
Blue Square -5.4637%
Elbit Medical -5.4101%
Micron Tech. -5.2718% -5.0166%
FiberTower -4.9462%

The Most Active and Widely Helds for our Million Dollar Top 20 and our Second Chance Finalists:

Most active stocks and volume:
CMGI: 104,040,466
Revlon: 91,224,194
Conexant Systems: 59,021,206
Crystallex Intl.: 41,722,416
Vonage: 40,732,231
Charter Comm.: 38,721,919
Sirius Satellite: 38,174,173
Sun Microsys.: 37,740,422
Gateway: 34,206,867
Oilsands Quest: 26,959,396

Widely Held Stocks and total number of shares:
CMGI: 414,819,705
Revlon: 358,725,477
Crystallex Intl.: 247,935,664
Conexant Systems: 240,113,293
Sirius Satellite: 193,234,752
Vonage: 171,525,804

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