Stop Trading!

Microsoft’s $6 billion bid for online advertising company aQuantive is a “game changer,” Cramer said during today’s Stop Trading! Segment on “Street Signs.”

Cramer isn’t willing to take anything off the table anymore. Microsoft is making a serious statement by placing such a high bid for aQuantive . It’s “such an overpay” that it shows Microsoft is done rolling over for Google . If it’s willing to pay $6 billion for aQuantive, why not pay $50 billion for Yahoo ? Cramer thinks it could happen.

If anything, today’s news signals what Cramer thinks is the beginning of the land grab against Google. Yahoo has been schooled by Google too, Cramer says, and a Microsoft/Yahoo merger could finally put Google on the defensive.

Cramer also likes Under Armour ahead of earnings from Dick’s Sporting Goods . He remains bullish on the oil services sector, especially after Baker Hughes showed that drilling was up in its April rig count.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Halliburton, Citigroup and Yahoo.

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