Your Emails On The Contest!

We have some emails we thought we'd put up, now that the contest is reaching the final week. As we've posted before, some of you really like the contest, and of course some of you have some complaints. But I think overall, from your emails, it's been a positive experience. Here we go.

From Leonard Y.:
I find it very strange that all the winners were celebrities. Was it on the up and up?
(editor's note: Leonard appears to have confused Trading with the Stars and the non-celeb contest--but in a way, he's right. All the contest finalists are stars in their own right.)

Denise A writes:
If I could have just had the contest last a little bit longer !!! I bought CVTX at $6.43 in March and today (Wednesday) its already trading at $11.71. I'm all in on it ... and I was all in on it during the contest. I answered almost all of the bonus bucks questions right and used my $3000 daily to buy more of CVTX. Just a few more weeks and I would have been the nobody from the top 97% to where I am today during the second chance at #111.
Just thought I'd write that to you !!!
Thanks ...
Denise A. Las Vegas

From Kit L.:
I am a blind individual who has participated the Million $ challenge contest. I use a talking software program to do her stocks research, answered the two daily questions, and placed trades. I have some difficulties in doing all of these because your web site is not too talking software friendly, meaning the talking software didn’t always report the necessary information needed to place a trade. I had to spend more time and did some extra work to locate the information.

I felt my chance of winning the contest is zero, however, I didn’t give up the game because I want to see how far I get. I moved from 40 percentile up to 8 percentile. I very proud of my improvement and I love to share my story with other players. I am signing up for the second chance to play this game and hope to win the home theatre system. Please wish me luck. Thank you for your time to read this letter.

Richard G says:
I must tell you how much I enjoyed the challenge! The only things I would change, which I think would make it easier for you if you were to do another challenge in the future, which I would greatly encourage, would be to restrict registering to play only through 50-60% of the contest. Second, to allow only one (1) portfolio per person or ssn.
Thank you again. I learned alot, and you can't put a price tag on education.

Jaotto writes:
Altho the portfolio challenge has been fun and has no doubt created enormous buzz for your new web site, giving away the leader's stocks for all to see is stupid. This is a contest people!! Where is the fairness in letting one's competitors in on his or her portfolio??
If I was savvy enough to be in the finals, I'd be furious!! And allowing more than 1 portfolio during the 10 weeks was also a big mistake!! For what it's worth......
(editor's note: there may be no common ground on this point. While some people "crave" to see what other's are holding in their portfolio, it's obvious that some contestants don't)

And Ramiro has a plan for the future:
I am emailing to suggest that you conduct the CNBC Portfolio Challenge year round.
The payout would be as follows: $100,000 to the winner in a month long contest and 4 weekly winners each receiving $10,000. There would be twelve contests in a year.
You would be paying out $1,200,000 monthly + $480,000 weekly for a total of $1,680,000.
You would benefit by having at least a hundred thousand participants seeing CNBC, logging at, receiving sponsor fees, leads, etc for the ENTIRE year.
The payout of this contest was $1,100,000 compared to the one proposed of $1,680,000.

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