What should the U.S. do to get China to play fair on trade?

China Trade
Reed Saxon
China Trade

"How we can we criticize China for its currency manipulation when we manipulate agricultural product prices with our farm subsidies? We are just so hypocritical it's disgusting. In addition, our farm subsidies hurt some of the world's poorest countries."
-- Ron, Nevada

"The U.S. is at a turning point in its economic history. Either we need to face down China, start paying down our debts to them, or China will gain the upper hand and we will be reduced to a role akin to Europe's secondary economic status to the U.S. The time to act is now."
-- Kevin R., Wisconsin

"We should quit buying products made in China and only buy American-made goods. Oops, my mistake, we don't make anything here these days."
-- Steve M., Pennsylvania

"China has no incentives in playing fair, and they are not going to. American businesses need to be more price competitive, but the key is to keep our quality standards and not deteriorate what "Made in America" stands for. American products are not cheap, compared with the competition from the Far East, what we sell is image and quality assurance."
-- Ariel B., Oklahoma

"The U.S. is not going to start improving its situation with China until it snaps out of its mindset that China is some kind of nefarious enemy that must be countered."
-- Chris.B., California

"All imports from China should be taxed to equalize the tremendous wage differences between them and the USA. This would discourage 'outsourcing' all our manufacturing and protect American jobs."
-- Ted S., California

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"The concept of "fair" trade is a misnomer in all trade relationships. Paulson is doing an excellent job in opening up the channels of communication with China; hopefully this will be institutionalized in a broader forum such as the WTO or the G8."
-- Greg M., Canada

“They are the power brokers today, and to think they don’t know it is childish. Its a little late, we owe them too much and have already given up too much.”
-- Irwin L.

“The U.S. will have to determine its role in this changing environment. With plans on board to build planes, ships, etc…China’s domination is certainly a threat the U.S. cannot afford to go unchecked.”
-- A.P., New York

“Enforce the trade treaty that we have with them; stop playing nice and get tough.”
-- Virginia M., New York

“How about we start competing with them?”
-- H.M.

"Do as they do not what we say."
-- Tim, Illinois