It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Blockbuster : Cramer cannot get behind Blockbuster. “Sell, sell, sell.”

FreightCar America : Cramer would rather go with Trinity , which he says is best in show.

Darling International : This is a respectable play,” Cramer says.

Vaalco Energy : This one is too dangerous for Cramer. “I have not seen this company deliver.”

Hewlett-Packard : Cramer is bullish on HPQ. He thinks it will be the next tech stock to break out.

News Corp. : Rupert Murdoch is a great businessman, Cramer says, and he recommends owning News Corp. Murdoch is a “big money maker, and he’s going to make money for you.”

Evergreen Solar : “You should be selling your solar stocks and buying them after the big wave of underwriting knocks the whole group down,” Cramer says.

Atwood Oceanics : Cramer thinks Atwood Oceanics is good … but Halliburton is great.

Synopsys : “I want you to ring the register.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Hewlett-Packard and Halliburton.

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