Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge: The Leaders

So, who's leading the pack as the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge heads into its final days (only four left)? Well, we have the up to date standings along with a video clip with the ins and outs. We also have the leaders of the Second Chance Showdown. This is for the contestants who didn't make it into the finals--but can win a Sony Home Theatre Entertainment system. The winner in each category will have to come up with the portfolio with the largest value.

FYI--there are 71,013 registered users competing in the Second Chance Showdown--and 20 finalists for the $1,000,000.

Here are the top five out of twenty competing for $1,000,000:

#1 Nancy Beaumont: $1,361,225.88 up $127,240.41 +10.31%.
Sold The9 Limited making a $127,240.41 10.31% gain Monday.
Bought Pacific Sunwear which reported strong earnings after the bell and could solidify her lead. Bought Crystallex Intl.

#2 Steven Lee: $1,353,709.70 UNCH.
Steven was all-in cash.
Now, all-in on Neurochem .

#3 Serge Amelyan: $1,308,176.74 up $6,831.20 +.52%.
Sold 68,312 shares of Terra Industries for a gain of $6,831.20.
Almost all-in of Vanda Phamaceuticals.
Bought 1 share of Freemont General.

#4 Stephen Luchko: $1,268,471.67 down $(7,644.21) -0.60%.
Sold 1 share of Fremont General.
Sold 1 share of Lin TV.
Sold 25,481 shares of Monster Worldwide for a loss of $7,644.30.
Almost all-in on Monster Worldwide.
Bought 1 share of Neurochem Inc.
Bought 1 share of GigaMedia .
Bought 1 share of Vonage.

#5 Ryan Stackman: $1,215,134.11 up $252,951.68 +26.29%.
Sold 160,096 Shares Neurochem Inc. gaining $252,951.68.
All-in on ValueClick .

Here are the top five leaders in Second Chance Showdown:
Name Portfolio Value
1. Aric Franzmeier $2,054,449.36
2. Ryan Darichun 1,925,133.76
3. Linda Gorden 1,878,852.40
4. Andrew Colenzo 1,875,059.38
5. Walter Clelland 1,873,001.80

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